travelling the exxpo 2000 germany
visitation in the last october week
pro and contra

detail of brasil 157 nations were exhibiting

of 193 planetary nations at all

makes: 36 nations missing ( more about )

expo 2000 was like "las vegas" - buy or die. every display and most performance was only about money and money. the basic concept of this show was commercials and not culture.
main critics: the "closed concepts": many sites were only accessible for very small groups, so that people had to wait up to 3 hours. this was concept (controlled mass hysteria). easy thing of promotional science: make a limited access to a show and put millions into advertising - and millions are willing to wait for to see. remember: "eat shit - billions of flies can't be wrong".
- result: the OPEN CONCEPTS were the best of show!
young+hungry boy visitor
switzerland pavillon

our vote for good display (open pavillions):
switzerland! jordania! hungary! Zeri bamboo pavillion! Lao! Cambodia! Nepal! Pacifica! brasil!

other points of good display:
estonia pavillion! centralamerica rainforest installation! centralafrica forest arrangement! Italia media-metamorfosia! exxpo-roof! latvia and sveden! albania! filippines-bamboo! mongolia tuwa singing!

jordanian talks

on the area expo: bad result in sales: only 30...35% of ecpected visitors. what would had been with waiting lines if all expectations had come?

more critics: you could find  NO INFO about the nations expositions in the 'official' web.
very poor thing! rumors say: no info was given just for to increase the sales of the 'official catalogue'....
you can find info about the nations in their own ebs, but there were no links in the official expo web..

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