L I B A N O N 2001

P H O T O P A G E 1
by tôm - release july 17, 2001



first kitefly day in 'byblos'
(on the beach)


the ancient egypt symbols on this kite
were quickly recognised by byblos residents:
the "ankh" and the "ra"


pic by samar



second kitefly day in 'beirut'
(raouche / grotte aux pigeons)




the good scout series:
lebanese forces carry my kite-bag.

schwerter zu pflugscharen - und ab in die luefte!

heli-kiters going to work...





rokakus, birds and eddies over the rock.
due to the narrow space we could fly only
a few kites at one time.



the minister of culture was also with the heli-kiting crew
(right, flying a 'bird')


raouche beach, photo by medhat hallab


third kitefly day in 'tripoli'
(karami int'l fairgrounds)


traditional lebanese hex-kite (left)


39°C - and the flygrounds were concrete!
fortunately we could fly a lot from the shade in the foreground.


indian fighterkite flightschool


tripoli residents helping in flight.
mr. hallab often built kites for his son medhat (right)
20 years ago.


a kite from france.


'eddykite-chain', group of 'sentinels' and a group of 'screenies'(photo-kites)


end of photopage 1

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all photos © tom j.