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Letter from Indonesia, 01 Jan 2005:

Your Reply is make us happy and support us.
that is we need and thanks again for the web site.

but the best way is suport the NGO in your place is the best way .
thanks again, sari madjid & Tinton.

Letter of Sari Majid from Indonesia, 31 Dec 2004:

Dear all my kite flyers family,

The wind make us happy, but also the wind can make some trouble.
Now I work to fund raise for the Aceh with Indonesia Kite Foundation, we try to help them estafet.
The problem is many food and cloth and water, but we can not distributed because the access is difficult.
with Indonesia Kite Foundation we try to make estafet with the other NGO, goverment and all the private company, to recovery Aceh and we know it's take time a year or more.

If you can help us you can send anything (Cloth, Medicine , etc ) to :
Yayasan Masyarakat Layang-layang Indonesia (Indonesian Kite Foundation)
Jl. Setiabudi barat No.4
Jakarta 12910


if you want donated money to :
acc no 0350821597 Central asia Bank Sudirman - Sari Sabda Bhakti Madjid
acc no. 0350726071 Central Asia Bank Sudirman - Tinton Prianggoro

acc no . 008-01-94091-12-5 Niaga Bank Thamrin - Sari Sabda Bakti Madjid

all of the donated we can report every week and also please tell us if you sent something for us to know.

Thankyou for your participation and also your support for all of the world.

Flying for peace,
Sari Madjid
legong [ le-gong@centrin.net.id ]


Dear friends, Following the catastrophe which has occurred in Asia and, by request of Mr LEVEAU, Deputy and mayor of the town of DIEPPE, the association "Dieppe Capital of Kite" decided to be used as relay with the financial assistance to the disaster victims, via the various foundations or local associations, having relations with kitefliers known of "Dieppe Capital of Kite", touched by the seism.
With this intention, an independent currant account will be especially opened with the "Caisse d'Epargne" BANK of DIEPPE, in the name of "
Cerf-Volant Solidarité Asie" (Kite Asia Solidarity). This account will be closed as of the end of the operation. Movements of capital, will take place under the control of Master Arrivé, bailiff in Dieppe.
Bank transfer to : "Cerfs-Volants Solidarité Asie"
Bank : Caisse d'Epargne haute-Normandie Rouen# 16 rue Asseline - 76200 Dieppe - FRANCE
c/Etab : 17695 c/guichet : 00900 n° compte : 04043043963 c/rice : 40#
IBAN / FR76 1769 5009 0004 0430 4396 340 BIC : CEPA FRPP 769
For any further information : infos@dieppe-cerf-volant.org
We thank you in advance for your generosity. The team of the Festival.


Feedback from kiteflying friends in and around the affected areas:
Indonesia 28dec2004

sari madjid & Tinton (LeGong):
"From Indonesia I have a friend kite flyers from Aceh, but untill now we didn't have a news about them. we hope they are well.
thanks for supporting and please pray for all the tsunami disaster country, flying for peace."

India 29dec2004

Depak Kapadia:
"Thanks for your concern. All are safe."

  30dec Syem Nazi Ali (Jodhpur kiteclub india):
" thanks for your worry for friends .. yes thanks me and my family all safe in india . at moment i am in malaysia on my business trips and in malaysia also quite far from tidal waves ."
Thailand 29dec2004 Smajcha Niyomsilpa, Thailand Kitefliers Association:
"At this moment the thai kitefliers are still safe from the Tsunamis wave in the south of thailand"
  29dec Yorg (scubakite.de, dive instructor):
".... ich habe mit Kho Pha-Ngan telefoniert, da is nix passiert, aber es fehlen noch viele informationen von der westküste. Dive asia in Phuket haben laut webpage alle schiffe und taucher vollständig, aber sie geben noch keinen kommentar wie.....
kao lak hats total erwischt - freunde werden noch vermisst, ebenso in phuket.
Ko lipe.. god knows..... "

ko lipe, bulon (turatao) ist wundersamerweise verschont worden! alles OK dort!
- andamansea / butang group tsunami info - tomm.

Sri Lanka 28dec2004 Nimal, Colombo:
"Yes, it was a big disaster for us. We all are OK. Major damages were in southern and eastern parts of SL. Only some damages to house in our area. Thanks you your concern about us."
  12jan2005 Fernando, Colombo, at India Kitefest:
One of their kites is in the shape of a phoenix. ‘‘We made this kite keeping the tsunami in mind. Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, we, too, hope our country will recover soon,’’ says Devsiri Fernando of the Pan Lanka Kite Flyers Association who helped with relief operations in Colombo from December 26 to 31. After the tsunami, the Lankans did think of cancelling this trip. ‘‘But we didn’t do so as this is the first time our country was participating in an international kite festival. We also realised that we need to rise above the tsunami mindset. We, thus, considered this an exercise to free our minds from the tragedy,’’ says Fernando.
Malaysia 29dec2004 Danny Lau (winddancer):
"Thanks for your concern.......
Malaysian kite fliers are safe from the Tsunami inccident.
We were keep you inform from time to time."
  12 jan 05 Nikarif Nickhasan, Malaysia. The tsunami tragedy hasn’t failed to touch him. ‘‘We are organising a charity show to generate resources for those who’ve lost so much. Eight of us were scheduled to participate in the india kitefestival but only three of us have come down. Because of the tsunami, the rest had to opt out’’
Singapore 28dec2004 Gadis, SKA:
"Thanks for your attention,we in Singapore little bit worried our place also small Island and not to far from North Malaysia and North Sumatra, Indonesia.
By the way we kite fliers in Singapore all Ok.
Our friends in Thailand who those worked for tourism now are very busy and scared."


India / Sri Lanka:
[from "the hindu news" 12 jan 2005]
Phoenix rises from ashes in kite show
Khambhat, Gujarat, Jan 12 (UNI): Among hundreds of colourful kites that soared in the sky, one seemed to steal the show in this coastal town today -- a Sri Lankan kite with an image of the mythological bird Phoenix rising from its ashes.
The kite was released into the air at the International Kite Festival of Gujarat by a four-member team from the Tsunami-battered island nation. The team, led by Devsiri Fernandes, came here an behalf of the Pan Lanka Kite Flyers Association. Mr Fernandes told UNI that
he was 10 km from Colombo, in his home town of Mortuwa, when the tidal waves smashed the coast. Mr Fernandes, who volunteered as a relief worker at a church near his home, said, "My nation suffers, and so do I."
He said he had committed himself to the organisers three months ago to participate in the Festival. His associates -- Manno, Irank and Buddhim -- also came for the same reason. They were surprised at the "Indian style kite-fighting". "We fly kites just to show our skills," said Mr Fernandes.

[from "express india " 12 jan 2005]
Tsunami shadow - Kite festival gets off to flying start.
When Indonesian James Kekenusa made his travel plans for the International Kite Festival that got off to a flying start in Ahmedabad today, he had two other enthusiasts from the Jakarta Kite-Fliers Association for company.
But the killer wave that hit South Asia washed away these plans. Today, Kekenusa stands alone at the Indonesia stall surrounded by colourful kites. ‘‘My colleagues had to pull out. One of them who is the vice-president of the club, Rony Ibrahim, lost 40 relatives in the tsunami. So many of our people have died and many others are busy with relief work. It is very sad but life cannot stop. It has to move on,’’ says Kekenusa, trying to put a brave face on the tragedy. Of the seven kite festivals across Indonesia, he likened the one in Gujarat to the Bali International Kite Festival where people — majority of them Hindu — fly kites for the Gods. ‘‘The festival here has quite the same spirit,’’ says Kekenusa, who stays in Jakarta, two hours from the tsunami-hit area.





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