3ème festival Int'l du Cerf-Volant

Beyrouth - Byblos - Tripoli - Baalbek


"The Dialogue of Cultures"
kitefliers and artists from france, belgium, canada,
syria, italia, india, thailand, germany and lebanon.


The Exhibitions

mediterranien SEA, beirut

One Room |||
for elements.

July 10

kitedive 2002 beirut

Underwater Kiting - Art+Kite Performance. Scubakiting - Kitediving.
performed by & "groupe scubista"


Underwaterkite exhibition
in commodore July 11

MZAAR Intercontinental, Faraya.
Ouyoune El Simane

Galactic Zoo

July 9-14
opening July 9

b ird and moon kite

Extraterrestrial Animal Kites
by Ramlal Tien (France)

Spaces & Myths - Painted Extraordinary Kites
by kisa. (Allemagne)

Photos + Info

Meridien COMMODORE, Beirut Hamra

Flying Comics

July 10-20
opening July 10

comic artists draw on kites
+ a collection of comics in 10 languages : from Goethe-Institut Collection

DUNES-Center, Beirut, Verdun

Bali's Birds

July 8-14
opening July 8

Bird Kites from Bali.



The Kitefestival




The Team

tom jeckel
research and performings between the fields of kitemaking, design, art, communication and transfer of cultures. arranges the underwater event.


artist. kitemaker. sculpturer. painter.
exhibits her kites together with ramlal tien /beirut mountains


Ramlal Tien
artist, kitemaker. kitediver.
exhibits his kites together with kisa. /beirut mountains
York Hetzig
. th
dive instructor & underwater filming & kitediver. thailand / germany.  
Francois de Domahidy
student of communication, worked with A.C.A.S. (uw-art+culture) , with Michel Redolfi (uw-concerts), with uw-paiting exhibitions in france (with Thierry Lefèvre, Assoziation Cyana Sub-art)  



- lebanon kitediving performance 2002 -

- lebanon kitelinks -

- lebanese artists artkite exhibition 2001 -


worldwide comments about the lebanon festival 2001

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