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2ème festival Int'l du Cerf-Volant
L I B A N O N 2001
Beyrouth - Byblos - Tripoli

"The Dialogue of Cultures"
kiters from lebanon, france, suisse, canada,
haiti, spain, italia, india and alemania.


a traditional libanese hexagon kite


byblos - helping hands fcrom the fire department



kitefly day at the beirut cliffs / rawche (grotte aux pigeons)



with a little help by the lebanese army...
(make love not war.. :)










artkites exhibition commodore beirut.
painted kites by lebanese artists, collection artemed
artkite exposition beirut




kitefly on the pigeon rock - beamed up by helicopter




narrow situations on the rock
some 45m over groundlevel




thank you samar for translation!

go to: pano-ramas !



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release monday, july 16, 2001

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